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An animal is a sentient being with needs, feelings and rights. It's right to freedom cannot be taken or granted. It can be limited, better is to acknowledge and to respect it.


Especially caged animals are deprived of their freedom in factory farms, on international transports, through irresponsible breeding of dogs, in ritual slaughter et cetera.

Our lifestyle and shopping behavior have consequences for animals indoor and outdoor. How can there be a optimum and a balance for freedom for humans and for animals? Is it o.k. to eat meat?


For their well-being all animals deserve adequate possibilities to live a natural live.
Freedom is of universal significance. It is a value and a right. Animal rights are based on the same principle as human rights: i.e. freedom.

Becoming aware of this value and to contribute to this right is fun. It liberates and connects us to other living beings.

And last, but not least, it can save you money too.

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